Friday, June 23, 2006


A little while ago I walked into the house and saw Miss Ramona had discovered Fergie's favorite resting place, the top of the brown velvet, cat modified chair. In fact, she is lying in front of the urn with his ashes. It gave me a funny feeling, hard to describe, sad yet peaceful. Of the two kittens, she is the most like him, spirited and eager to explore. So it is bittersweet to see that she also loves his napping spot, stretched out comfortably along the top of this beat up old chair.

Ramona gets excited when I get out the kitty harnesses and she lets me put it on and then heads right for the door. Tail straight up. And she can fly up a tree like a squirrel. Harper sees what she does and then he has to do it too but he doesn't have her grace.

She is still, at 18 weeks old, tiny and kittenlike. Actually she looks like a miniature cat, very slim and delicate. I bet she will always be small. I am waiting to have her spayed until next month. I dread the thought of having to put her through it but there is no way not to. I am hoping she and Harper can go together and at least have each other for comfort. But I am not looking forward to dropping them off at the vets and I wish it wasn't a necessity. But I know it is.

Harper is growing unto a sturdy little guy. He won't be little when he is full grown. Both kittens are nice cats, happy and loving and loving towards each other and Brendan. Harper is so affectionate to both of us I couldn't have asked for a sweeter companion. The other cats who have been "mine" , Finnegan and Fergus, were rascals, honestly. And I loved them madly. Finnegan loved to run his nails down my prized maple kitchen drawers, chipping tiny pieces off the edges, all the while looking at me to see my reaction. Which was never long in coming. And Fergus was Wild Thing, roaming the woods and depressed if he couldn't be free. He was an incredible spirit and I have not seen any cats at all like him since. Harper is happy to play at home with his toys or cuddle up whenever I sit down. And both kittens like to be near us when we work.

We finished almost all of the children's museum exhibits and last night was the Sneak Preview. Olof took photos so I will get a couple and post them on a site somewhere. We are both tired out from a few weeks of seven day a week work. The house looks like a tornado went through it. I had three loads of laundry on the line and didn't take them in when we got home last night so of course we woke to a downpour.

It seems like the blogging world slows down when summer starts. I don't intend to, it's just the combination of video editing ( 7 TV spots and a half hour show) plus the museum exhibit painting and life in general left me with no time or energy. I still haven't been on my bike! And soon it will be Julabor Day ( from July 4th to Labor Day, which goes by so quickly it might as well be one day)

I will take a photo of Ramona's pink hippopotamus. I also wanted to say it's fun to get comments from readers in other countries, I see I have a lot of readers in France and Germany but I don't know who they are. So to you, Bonjour! And thanks to the person in France I did get an email from. Olof and I were in France a couple of years ago and loved it. I might have a friend coming from there this summer and I want to work on learning French!


The Meezers said...

Ramona is so precious! And Harper looks like a little angel. Trixie and Norton had their operations together and recuperated in the same cage - it was very good for them and they seemed to not have any issues at all. So, it might be good for Ramona and Harper too.

Anonymous said...

She's just gorgeous - and I bet she will stay small. She has a slim, petiteness about her.

It was both difficult and healing when Turtle found Heather's favorite spot, on a cushion in front of the fireplace. I know your feeling there.

We also had Nala and Moose "fixed" together, and I think it was comforting for them to be together. They often lay intertwined, although Moose usually ruins the moment by getting too rough with his grooming technique, lol.
~ tammara

Mudpuppy said...

To second what "The Meezers" said, our vet allowed our kittens to recuperate in the same cage after their spay/neuters. One of our boys was climbing the cage right after surgery and hanging from his toes, swinging like a monkey, so the techs assumed he was feeling pretty good :)

Our two boys were allowed to go home the same day, but our little girl had to stay over one night. We were given the option of keeping the boys there overnight, too, to keep the girl company. She came home with pain meds, and I could tell she needed them for the first four or five days, but then she was absolutely fine.

It boggles me now to think back on how many dogs/cats I've had in my life who were sent home after spay surgery with no pain medication whatsoever. Ack.

Laurence said...

Show the hippo toy! :)

Baronger said...

I often wonder if my departed cats speak to my still living ones. It often seemed like that with Minerva, who I got after Phoebe passed away. I like to think of them both now, as communicating with my Mabel, and telling her to watch over me. Either that or, "now a really good way to have some fun and annoy him is to ...".

Eponine's Cowboy said...

Are those top two pics both of Ramona?