Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tiger Girl

Ramona just loves climbing in the apple tree outside out back door. I would love to fence off a small area from our porch around a tree so they can go out safely. We saw a good price on 300 feet of deer fencing and we might do it.

Ramona is my Tiger Girl. She also likes to be called Sweet Ramona. When I come in she will often come running with her tail up. She is like a softer version of Fergus and that is very comforting to me, since I still miss him every day. She has also started doing flying leaps from place to place, even longer ones than he did. Fergus's favorite trick was to run up the stairs and fly through the air hitting the second level of the cat tree in the living room. Then he'd swing around and give us the "do not feed after midnight look"

Miss Ramona is a gentler soul but she's got that love of the wild in her. Harper looks at it and says it is far too much effort. He is a calm and yes, lazy fellow who will walk outside and collapse in a nice sunny spot. Or he will saunter around.

It is pouring outside and the air is nice and fresh smelling from my flowers outside. Harper is in front of the computer curled up and Ramona is draped on the top of my chair. She loves the same spot Fergus loved and it was a little eerie to see her lying there exactly as he did. I took a photo which I will download soon.

I find it amazing how these lovely creatures respond to being loved If I am doing something they come seek me out and want to be near me. In the morning Harper sits before the computer and Ramona behind it on my knees. Life would be bleak without them.

I put up a photo board at our local pet supply shop today. We have some lovely animals. Kittens of course but some beautiful dogs rescued from kill shelters in the south. One in particular, a long haired shepherd with a sweet disposition. I don't know what the human race ever did to deserve the love we get from dogs. Jimmy who was found just about dead, is eager for attention. One of the women at the shelter said that the mistreated animals are often like that. I asked if she thought the dogs thought the abuse was their fault and they craved reassurance and kindness from people.

"Maybe," she said.


LHK said...

What does Brendan think about his girl going out side and climbing trees? Does he like the kittens in his yard?

DEBRA said...

They look like they are having such fun! Wouldn't it be lovely if life we this carefree?


Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Must be something in Tabby Girls. Dolace and Bella are the exact same way.