Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Tribe of Tiger

Some scenes from the peaceful Tiger Tribe. Ramona flirts with Brendan. She still adores him. He is more subtle about his relationships. More dignified too.

He actually let her eat right out of his bowl. I thought this one would get her The Paw but he didn't mind in the least. Brendan has always been rather ethereal where food is concerned. It appears, if you like it you eat it. When he is hungry he sits by his dinner table and gives you the telepathic message, "I am ready for sustenance." And food appears, done to his liking, warmish and wettish. But obviously, he is not possessive about it. I guess that is the calm security of a sixteen year old cat that has always been well treated and nurtured. He is quite a presence in our lives. He calmly watches whatever is going on here and keeps an eye on everything we do. When Olof is gardening, Brendan is usually near by, if the weather is pleasant. He is the one who gives us that "whatever craziness are you two up to now?" look.

These two are a joy. They are funny and loving and calm. Their companionship gives them a lot of security. I take them out for walks on harnesses briefly. They find it interesting, Ramona more than Harper. Harper is going to be a calm, contemplative ( you could say lazy) good natured cat. And he's funny too. It is like there is a funny little Yoda in there, he looks at you and then lowers his eyes a little in a knowing way as if, "isn't this amusing?, yes I know."

Ramona is more mysterious and it is amazing how she is obviously a girl. We have always had male cats and girls are different. She is feisty and loves to be held but when she wants to be. She is very self possessed.

And here is our Lie-On King. The elder cat is just an amazing presence. He knows us so well and he is so wise, so sure of himself. To see him become parental in his elder years is quite astounding. Especially the night he brought the kittens a live mouse. He takes his territory duties very seriously.

We know we will lose him some day but it is lovely to see him treated so lovingly by these kittens. Ramona just dances with joy whenever she sees him and runs up for a kiss. She doesn't always get it but she lets him know she really cares.

My Yoda companion.


Finnegan & Buddy said...

It's so wonderful to see them all getting along so nicely. Brendan is secure in your love for him and knows there is enough to share for the youngsters too. They are all happy because you have created an atmosphere of love, warmth, respect and caring.


yukigami said...

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2Vamp said...

I found your blog through CotC and I've been a fan for a couple of weeks now. Your cats have such amazing personalities (but I confess Harper is becoming a favourite!)

Luna said...

Maravilloso! =^^=

Mudpuppy said...

Your observations mirror some of our own experiences with our kittens. The two little boys are extremely laid back and cuddly, but the little girl is a lot more independent and only interested in cuddling if it's her idea. She loves us, but doesn't like to be held still. I also noticed that it was our female kitten who was really into "hunting" -- growling and shaking toys, as you've mentioned Ramona doing. My brother adopted another female kitten from us a couple of weeks ago, and when he got it home, he noticed it was growling and hunting toys as well, which sort of freaked him out as his male cats didn't do that sort of thing when they were younger.

Anyway, I love the photos -- the kittens are so adorable, and Brendan is so handsome :)