Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Peaceful Day

There is a bat living in a corner of our porch. It flew around the ceiling yesterday much to the amusement of two kittens.

"Did you see that brother?"
"You betch you sister! Let's get it!"

The bat escaped unharmed and wiggled itself into it's crevice.

The kittens then demanded loudly to go to the Secret Garden where a wonderful time was had by all.

Fundraising is going along well and Ramona is very excited about it all. We are not the top team at this time, since the Mutleys have a lot of off line donations which don't show up in the ratings but are there on their page. On line though, we are the Top Cats at 800.00 today!


~ J ~ said...

That first picture is GREAT! I wish my cats were close like that. They are perfect together...right down to the curve in the tail even!

Ayla said...

Flappy things are fun to watch, whether bird or bat. That is a great picture and they do look cute.

jenianddean said...

My cousin cat Grey is an outside cat and caught (and delivered) a bat, which did not make Uncle Doug very happy since bats can eat between 500-1000 mosquitos a day, not to mention the diseases bats carry ... so watch, but don't touch the bat, guys.

Wombat said...

I'm with ~j~, that's a great picture.

Eponine's Cowboy said...

If you would have tried to orchestrate it, there's no way you could have got that top pic that perfect! I love the identical curl in their tails. Thanks for sharing!

Canberra BK said...

Hi Ramona, Harper and Brendan. It's been very quiet over at the Caturday blog recently. Just checking in on how you guys are. I expect you've been very busy with the Conway Area Humane Society fundraising event?

Miss Ramona - wanted to let you know that I've posted something on my blog about Ramona's Top Cats. I've used one of your pictures, I hope this is okay!