Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hush! Brendan is sleeping

Yes, Harper and Ramona and Brendan are all doing fine. It's just that August thing. Summer weather, lots to do, not enough time to do it in. Once we're through with all the video shooting I will have more energy for writing.

Ramona is healing up just fine and she is her regular playful self. We took them out to the kitten garden yesterday for some play. Harper, of course was bouncing around like it was just a bad dream. Ramona will get her stitches out on the 15th. She appreciates all the emails and was glad to know the belly fur would grow back. I promised not to post any photos of her that show the empty spot. The scar is only about an inch and a half long.

I am thinking of getting together a cat team for the shelter's big fundraiser September 16th. It's called Walk for the Animals and we could have an on line pledge page.It is a Walk but of course, cats are not interested in going for a walk with a couple of hundred dogs, but we could have a flag with everycats name on it and someone would march for us. (I will have to take photos and video) It would be really exciting to have an international cat team, since the prize is called the Top Dog Challenge. First prize is, I think, a years worth of Nutro. We could donate it to the shelter if we won it. Wouldn't it be fun to beat the dogs? Would any of you join me in this? It would be so nice for the shelter since we have 110 cats right now. I bet Bucky from the shelter would be on our team. If any Caturday readers would join me in this please let me know. Email is Zuleme AT

Be sure to read Bucky's Blog The Secondhand Dog ! He has a nice story about his friend Gato today.


LHK said...

Beezer and I would be happy to join and pledge. But we are on the other coast, so can't join the walk.

Zuleme said...

Thanks, Beezer. BTW, That is Brendan's nickname around here. Ramona really wants to have a Top Cat Team ao I will set it up for her and see if we can get some other kitties to join her. I was thinking of making a flag with all the name on it for the Walk.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Count us in! Mom does that kind of stuff too, so it's about time we got in the act!

We're glad the kids are doing so well. And yes, Miss Ramona, the furrs grow back. We have bofe had ultrasounds in the past and they take a LOT of furrs away! Usually the mom feels sorry for you tho, so you mite get extra treets.

Finny & Buddy

DaisyMae Maus said...

Brendan, Harper and Miss Ramona ...

You've been tagged!!!

DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans