Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ramona's Top Cats

It's just so exciting! I have four team members and we are the top team right now. We are starting early, we have until September 16th for the Walk for the Animals and new teams will start signing up soon and trying to catch up to us. Last year there were hundreds of woofers in the Walk. We are the first Cat Team.

Here is my team so far!

Beezer! California!

Finnegan and Buddy! North Carolina!

Bucky! The Canine Behavior Counselor at Conway Area Humane Society!

To join my team and set up your own page (have your human help you put up a photo) go to First Giving

Or just come and see our pages!

To sponsor me go to my page Ramona’s Top Cats

Thank you Beezer and Finnegan and Buddy and Bucky!



Finnegan & Buddy said...

Miss Ramona, we are trying to make our page say somefing speshul but it won't let us save it. We'll keep trying.

Walk walk walk walk!!!

Finny & Buddy

Fiona Bun said...

I'm hopping for Ramona!