Friday, March 24, 2006

Miss Kitty No Name

She actually does have a name, I just don't remember it after seeing maybe forty cats and taking photos of anyone not on Petfinder.

I am in a bit of a rush getting ready to go to Vermont for the weekend and then down to the Cape again. Yes, Mom we are coming.

I'll try to do some blogging depending on net access. Since I will be at a college this weekend they really should have a wap.

I will be writing a fundraising video for our local shelter. They want to try to finish off the huge boarding kennel and get it going as a way to create income to run the shelter. The building is up, the inside needs to be done. I am also starting a dog blog which you will be able to see shortly. Called The Secondhand Dog, it will focus on stories of dogs rescued and getting a new life in the North Country. Since Roz is collecting a van load from a shelter in Tennessee, these will be good stories. And I'm sure you would like to hear about Olivia, the little black Katrina puppy. She has been adopted and though she still weighs half of what she should, she has turned the corner.

So stay tuned.

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Finnegan & Buddy said...

Ohhhh, Miss Kitty No Name is beautiful! I love the white blaze on the nose, my Daisy had one of those, actually two - they looked like daisy petals!

Yay!!!! Olivia went to her furever home! We're very happy for her and wish her a long and happy life.

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.