Wednesday, March 22, 2006

At the Shelter

I spent a few hours at the shelter doing photos for Petfinder. The black kitty above is living in one of the communal rooms for cats who get along in groups. They have the new Foster Smith house which I am of course, buying for the kittens.

That is Arthur. He is a Katrina rescue and is a Thinker. He looks at you with calm, intelligent eyes and would be a wonderful companion.

This is Destiny. A lovely soft kitty who is friendly except to other cats. She needs to go to a one cat home.

This is Olivia. Yes, she is a dog on Caturday. Olivia is a little Katrina rescue who came up to the North after a thirty hour trip when she was only four weeks old and very very sick with Parvo. There was a litter of six, one died, all were sick. I think one has been adopted out ( I saw two playing together). The last time I saw Olivia she was a sad little bundle of miserable black fur huddled into a blanket in a private room. Yesterday she was up and about and wistfully claiming my attention from inside her crate, still in a private room but turning the corner. Olivia will go to a loving home and have a wonderful life.

These guys are a family that has never been separated. Their owner died. And wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would come along and adopt all four? They are so funny together that the shelter people love them. They have their own apartment.

Silas will write back to all his friends and I think he will be happy to decorate for the Catolympics with his collection. He is looking forward to being a torch carrier but he says he really doesn't want to wrestle since he is not a competitive guy. He believes in peace and harmony. Good thing for this animal family since the PolyPaws will be arriving in April!


Tyler & Jagger said...

Oh those kitties all look so cute!! I would love to take all of them!! My dream is to either win the lottery, or marry a rich man :-0 and then start a sancuary for kitties!

Fat Eric said...

I love the picture of the family of 4 kitties! I do hope they get to stay together somehow.

Eponine's Cowboy said...

Can you send me Destiny?

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Look at all those gorgeous animals. I hope they all get placed quickly. I love the 4 cats in a row - hey what a good name for a blog! They are all so puurrty.

Mudpuppy said...

Could you post a link to the Foster & Smith house you saw? We're always looking for new places for the cats to hide.

I love Arthur... with all our cats, we've never had an orange one, except for one I fostered a few years ago. And those four siblings are pretty funny -- guess they all came from the same litter, eh?!

Anonymous said...

All so precious! The photos are just wonderful.