Monday, March 20, 2006

Silas Speaks

As you can see I am pretty used to puters. I read a lot too, over Herself's shoulder so I can spell really good too. Every morning I read some of my friend's blogs. But I don't get a puter to myself ever since I made one talk. Yup. I hit just the right keys to make Olof's puter talk. It was cool. But he doesn't let me have his puter now.

We have been real busy here at Caturday lately so Herself asked me to write here because she is tired and Brendan is meditating and he doesn't want to blog. He meditates a lot. He is trying to bring peace to the world. Herself says Beezer is a Thinker and I am a Gentleman. I am kind of a quiet guy. I like my penthouse and my bottle cap collection. I collect granola bar wrappers too and milk bottle rings. Those are cool things don't you think?

Herself is going to Vermont this weekend and Olof is going to have to take care of us. Brendan only eats when Herself feeds him so I hope he will eat something. He is an old fella and he says he deserves special tention. So he gets Herself's lap because he needs tention. That's ok.

I have heard the beans talking about me getting some kids to play with. A brother and sister! They will be here next month and they have big feet! We will have lots of games. I hope they will have their own penthouse. I hear they are going to have their own club anyway. The PolyPaws. I have joined the Tuxedo Gang. I am always perfectly dressed in my black suit. Herself says I am her Cat in Black.

It will be good to have some little kids around.

It would be nice if all my friends would write to me. I am going to carry a torch in the Catolympics but I don't know if I will sign up for an event. I am a big guy but I don't do the small box event and I am a great wrestler but I don't like to fight. I muck about a lot. If there is a muck about event I could do that. I am a peaceable sort but I do like to play games. That;s it! I am great at Paw Over Paw.


Patches & Mittens said...

My sisfur, Mittens Pollypaws, has the big toes and would like to join, if there is going to be a group. Wow, how citing, for you, a brother and sister! We can't wait for you to tell us all about them. Maybe will help your Mom get happy. I am going to be in balance beam, Mittens is going for curling and hairball hurling, and Mistrie is helping with the torch. She is seen outside running like a ball of fire, practicing. You will be coming here to the Big Piney Woods even if you don't compete cuz this is where they are being held and there is a nap-a-thon after.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Congrats on joining the Tuxedo Gang. I'll be seeing you there. I'm in the Midwest district and my codename is Slick. Great to hear you are carrying a torch. Thats a nice picture of you working with your mom on the bed doing computer stuff. -Scooby

The Meezers said...

We am furry glad that you are getting a brofur and a sisfur. We saw their pikshurs and they are furry cute. I am going to carry the torch too, and I am in the yowling competition, 'acause Mommy says I'm good at it. -Miles

Fat Eric said...

Hi Silas, it is great to hear from you! You seem like a cool guy to me. Maybe you could help to decorate the arena for the Catolympics using your amazing collection of bottlecaps and stuff?? I am in the torch relay and the sumo wrestling and the fitting in boxes events. You could do sumo too because you are quite a big kitty. I wish I had a penthouse like yours.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Silas! Finny here, I am a lover not a fighter too. Buddy will prolly do sumo wrestling, he likes that a lot. Maybe I will do torch relay too. I'm glad about yore brother and sister, that's 2 less cats in shelters, we got to get them all out of shelters, don't you think?