Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sun-dappled Sleep

The whole Tribe of Tigers takes a nap together in the sun room. I still find it amazing how well they get along. Ramona loves Brendan and gives him long head nudges and kisses which I have yet to catch on camera. Harper admires Brendan and they have conversations. Harper and Ramona raise heck together. This morning the kittens were on the bed with their arms around each other, after Harper had spent an hour being cuddled in my arms with Ramona on my knees.

They are such good natured, lovely kittens.

It is a stunning summer day here in the mountains. I am packing the cameras, video and still, to go do some shooting at the shelter. There seem to be a lot of new cats and I think some dogs so Petfinder needs to be updated. I will also shoot the new thrift shop in progress and take outside shots of the buildings for grant writing. We are gearing up promo for the year's big fund raiser, The Walk for the Animals in conjunction with Bark in the Park, September 16. I am going to send out a PSA on it to TV stations. See if we can get some PR going.

I see Malcolm has raised just about enough to take care of Lucky little kitten.

There is a sense of peace in a house in which three cats are sleeping together, well fed and secure.


Ayla said...

They all look so comfy. A good sunbeam and a comfy place to sleep is all I need to enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

what a great photo :-)

I'm so proud of Brendan - but then again, who could resist such sweet little feminine wiles??
~ tammara

Eponine's Cowboy said...

They look awesome. I do have to admit that I have a tad bit of jealousy.