Saturday, July 15, 2006

Caturday Nap

A hot Caturday morning finds the Tribe of Tigers taking an after breakfast nap in the air conditioned bedroom. Harper woke me up around 2 AM for a mad trilling and purring session. His trill is the funniest one I ever heard, it sounds like a Rube Goldberg water fountain going nuts. Then he settled down in his favorite position, next to me with his head on my shoulder. I woke up to find him there.

I was thinking how fortunate I am to have found him because he is so gentle and loving and he just loves to be hugged and held close. There are two situations though in which his inner tiger comes out. One I got to experience yesterday when I had to take them to the Vet for rabies and distemper shots. Harper in a car, in a crate is a demon. And he's got some lungs on him too. He howled and howled all the way to the clinic and he got Ramona going to so she chimed in with her sweet, higher girl voice.

We got the shots and made an appointment for their spay/neuter August 3rd. I am not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to having it over with. Ramona has inflamed gums, the vet said it could mean she has a weakened immune system from her kittenhood problems with URI and her eyes. I have been giving her the vitamins again and lysine and I am going to try brushing her teeth. Hey, it works for me. I love these two and I hope they will be my companions into my senior years.

The other time Harper goes nuts is when I bring home a new toy that has feathers. We got a new water fountain for them yesterday and a Da Bird toy. Oh boy, Harper saw that and suddenly he was doing aerials I didn't think he was capable of. We will try to get some action shots but it will have to be on a soft rug because he gets airborne and crashes. Then he growls when he has the thing. Ramona was patiently waiting her turn but it wasn't to be.


Ayla said...

Well if you had to get shots, you'd be a bit vocal too. The Mom says I'm like that: very loud in the evil box. Duh. Evil box means trip to the V-E-T. Of course I'm going to be angry.

By the way, the Dad really likes the pictures of your kitties.

san said...

Oh my cats like Da Bird too. Toro would tell me quite politely that its time to play and then would walk me to the toy cupboard. He would look at me expectantly until I open it. Then like a flash he would drag it out and then he is doing aerials and turns. These days , he lets the other cats play too :) I enjoy reading about Ramona, Harper and Brendon. Thanks :)