Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shelter Day

Chewy, a chinchilla, hangs out at the shelter.

I just looked at the last posting and was surprised I hadn't posted in almost a week. Where did the time go? Well, it's what we call the Fourth of Julabor Day Weekend. That's how fast summer seems to go. There is just so much to do outside, video shooting, gardening, getting video projects done for clients, work on our buildings, and fun stuff you can't do when things are slower in the winter, like bicycling. I did almost twenty miles yesterday morning including hills and it felt good for the first time. I try to work up to about 35 miles at a time.

We have a litter of eight kittens at the shelter, five are black and three are grey. Also a lovely litter of three that are two days old and a pregnant white and orange cat. It is still kitten season and a great time of year to donate to your local shelter. Food, kitty litter ( ask what kind they want), cash, time. Bloggers can always help by posting links on their sites or writing about available animals or taking photos. Probably the most important thing I do for our shelter is take the photos and upload them to Petfinder. I took plenty yesterday, posted them last night and saw more cats listed I didn't get to photograph. They might be in foster care, very young ( like the two day olds) or in the new isolation room.

Isn't he lovely? And his brother is too. They won't be at the shelter long as soon as they finish their hold time and go out front to be seen.

And this sweetie shouldn't be there long either. She has a sister who is long haired and beautiful too.

And Cassidy. Cassidy is a nicer fellow than he seems from his scowl. He had been spending his life underneath a trailer, having a wild time of it, girls and all and has ended up at the shelter. He had just been shaved to get the mats out of his fur, he probably needed medical attention and hmmm, his carousing days are over. So he figures he has something to scowl about except that...why is everyone so nice to him? What's that sound he's making? Could it be that Cassidy has a purr and will go on to live a comfortable life as a .....lap cat?

Everyone is fine here. Ramona got to fly up the apple trees yesterday and then both kittens were exhausted for the rest of the day. They will be going for their surgeries in three weeks. I will borrow a crate from the shelter and bring them home that day so I can watch over Ramona as she recuperates. I am nervous about it but it must be done. They are growing up but are still running through the house like little tigers. There are kitty toys everywhere and Ramona has a new one that is just too cute. Our local shop has the pink hippos in, it is a company called Dr. Noys, Toys for Cats with Attitude.

Brendan is still doing dawn patrol, eating very well and enjoying the adoration of Miss Ramona.

I'll try to get some good new photos of the gang to post.


Timmy said...

Cassidy's photo maked me giggle! What a funny expression!

amy said...

the chinchilla is adorable, as are the kittens and even cassiday. hopefully they will all find good homes in the coming days.

i love the pics of ramona, harper and brendan that you continually post. they all three have such great character that really shows in the photos!

Fat Eric said...

Hope all these fluffies find good homes soon. I just checked on your "Looking For Homes" link and I'm sad to see that Arthur, the Hurricane Katrina survivor, is still at the shelter looking for a home. I hope someone comes for him soon.