Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Games

Miss Ramona just loves to play Cat Dancer. Her favorite trick is to remove the entire toy part with the wire from the paw that holds it. She is a very clever girl. Then she holds onto one end while Harper goes after the other. Last night I saw her on the windowsill trying to open the window latch. Good thing it is heavy.

Summer always seems to fly by. There are a million things to do, the garden is already producing more than we can eat and we have to spend some time keeping up with pulling out things that have gone by and replanting, and weeding and feeding. We have small tomatoes starting to come in and they have such wonderful flavor, like tomato candy. But soon I will have to think how I am going to preserve some of this bounty.

17 dogs came into the shelter Sunday and three were adopted by the end of Monday. It was a hectic there day with the staff vet doing nine spay/neuters. These are all from kill shelters in the south and people are so eager to get them up here. I will be starting up a shelter blog soon that we will add to the web site.

Ramona and Harper know as soon as I rattle their harnesses that it is time for a walk and they come running. Ramona knows when she is wearing the harness and the door opens she can run out. She is a little live wire. She flys up the apple tree and then both kittens are worn out for the rest of the day. So I try to get them out when I can. One friend of ours has built a safe enclosure for her formally outdoor cat with a tunnel covered with wire leading to a small dog door in the wall (big cat). She told me she had had a coyote on her back porch and it just wasn't safe to let their cat out anymore. I would like to build something around the apple tree so I can let the kittens run while I am out there.

Brendan still does dawn patrol but he is getting up a little later, usually around six. So we don't need an alarm clock.


Hot(M)BC said...

Ohhhh Ramona is getting big. She's going to turn out to be a beautiful lady cat. And of course she already has tons of purrsonality.

We give nip and stuff to the SPCA here. It's a no-kill one, thank goodnes. Mom wants to volunteer, but until she can get past this chronic pain problem, she doesn't have the energy. Maybe I should volunteer? I could be a cat volunteer. *giggles*

~~ Boni

2Vamp said...
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2Vamp said...

That's a fantastic shot of Ramona. What was she looking at, when she peered over?

Ayla said...

Ramona reminds me of the smart half of the Doofi: Monkee. He can get into everything and is way too smart for his own good. He is now trying to figure out how to open the fridigator door but thankfully that's too heavy for him.

The Mom always donates to one of the local shelters, the one we got Fizzy at. She says that she can't volunteer 'cause she'll end up bringing home all the kitties. That would be a Bad Thing 'cause we've already got nine of us.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

I think I want a girl kitty. I've only had boy kitties and boy babies.

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