Friday, July 14, 2006

Introducing Bucky

This is Bucky and he has just started a very unusual cat blog so I hope you will all hop over and say hello. Bucky is unusual because he lives in a shelter, and he lives in the dog house. So he has a different view of the world from most cats and he has been asked by the shelter staff to help out with getting the daily shelter happenings out in the blog world. I'm sure you will all enjoy getting to know Bucky.

I think his friends Gato, in the Cat House and Tripod Tom, also in the dog house are also going to get into the act so their blog could be very interesting.

Bucky'’s Blog is called The Secondhand Dog

You may notice that it looks a lot like Caturday. That is because Bucky admired Caturday's design so much he asked Zuleme if he could have his blog exactly like it.

Why not? answered Zuleme.

Bucky is a good friend of hers, as is Gato and Tripod Tom.

Bucky also has a new PayPal account and a donation button. Any donations go directly to the Conway Area Humane Society where Bucky lives quite comfortable, roaming the halls and keeping an eye on things. So if you can make a donation, the gang will be thrilled since this is a new thing for them.


Hot(M)BC said...

Fanks for tellin us bout Bucky's blog! We wented to visit and put Bucky on our blogrollin fingy.

~~ Sanjee

~ J ~ said...

Bucky is great! Thanks for the link!!!

Mudpuppy said...

I enjoy Bucky's blog, and I added it to my blogroll :)