Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alfred is in the Television

I was in the small library I like and the librarian told me this story.

She had two cats, Bob and Alfred. They were best buddies in the way cats can be, from kittenhood. Then Alfred died.

Bob went into mourning. He howled relentlessly, he was depressed, he wouldn't eat. The joy of life had, for him, disappeared with the loss of his beloved friend.

The librarian began to comfort him by watching, on our local community channel, the shelter's show on pets available for adoption. Together they would sit, huge Bob on her lap, and see the cats on TV.

One day, a cat exactly like Alfred came up on the screen.

Bob was instantly alert. He got up, went up to the TV. Looked at the picture. There was his buddy. But where was he?

Bob stared at the screen. He purred. Alfred? Can you hear me?

Finally he walked around to the back of the TV. The question was solved.

Alfred was in the TV.

Bob hopped back on the librarian's lap and let out a big sigh. He began to purr.

And he hasn't howled since.

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