Friday, January 27, 2006

He Trips the Light Fantastic

For Feline Friday at the Modulator

You haven't seen as much about this guy, he's shy and sometimes not as graceful as he might like to be when trying to climb a tree. But here he is dancing away, maybe to a reggae beat ( our favorite around here). Or it could be a bit of ballet, Mozart perhaps?

I picked up the book Dancing with Cats on a quick run through a large bookstore last year. I don't often get to the big bookstore in Portland and I don't get to spend as much time as I might on my own. So I was in a short period of time picking up what cat books I could afford before rushing over to the travel section to get a few on France. I saw this book on dancing with your cats and... you'll laugh but it's true. I thought it was real. I flipped through it and read a bit and said to myself "Hey, we can do that!" I figured I'd put on some music start dancing around and the boys, whose dancing instincts have been long repressed, would get the idea and jump right in.
Well it didn't work and then I realized the book was a hoax. I was pissed. Like my mother always says "gullible is my middle name."

However, maybe these clever people, in their rush to make a buck making fun of cats, didn't take the time to really take a look at whether cats would dance.
So here we have Silas, in an unretouched, non photoshopped photo, gracefully dancing away.

My cats do dance, after all.

I did get a very nice email from a medium about Fergus. I have been waiting to hear from her again before I post anything about it, and to get her permission. We were driving to the southern part of the state yesterday doing errands and it took my mind off things so I felt better than I have since losing Fergus. I still long for him every minute and he is constantly floating in my mind but I am feeling like I can cope anyway. I also have a lot of interesting work to do which I will write about on the personal blog on the links menu,

Silas is also the proud possessor of a new penthouse all his own and our official Caturday photographer has promised a sequence of him getting there.

Stay tuned and if you have a cat blog and want to trade links, let me know. I will also be doing a page of links to shelters recommended by readers. I have plans to expand Caturday and some funny ideas.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of Silas dancing. :-)

I have a cat shelter link (below) in Arlington, Texas. The lady in charge is Toni, and this is where we got Nala and Moose. The cats are fostered in volunteer's homes, and are rotated at Petsmart to be adopted.

Zuleme said...

Thank you, oh three kitties, I will put that one on my list.

The Meezers said...

That has to me one of the most adorable pictures I have ever seen. Silas is so cute. I wish my cats would dance (well on their own, not with me picking them up and spinning them around dancing with them).

meemsnyc said...

i love cats that can dance. we'll have to teach ours.

DEBRA said...


You should try out for "Dancing with the Stars" -- you are much lighter on your feet than Dr.P!

Care to dance?