Monday, January 30, 2006

Man's Best Friend Part 2

For Cowboy and other guys who appreciate the cat. Olof says a cat is a non-ego gratifying pet. For me, if a man comes into my house and sees one of my cats and pays kind attention to him, well I will feel kindly towards said man.

Last year we had two kerosene heaters installed by two men. One was a very large, homely fellow, a salt of the earth type we are lucky to have around here. Works hard, runs his own business, is honest, does a good job. When he was ready to come into the living room I asked him to be careful because I had two young kittens running around.

"Oh!" he said. " I do too, they are so cute!"

He said their names were Elvis and Gigi.

I have a soft spot for guys like that. Big working guys who love little kittens.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. A man who loves cats is a secure man. I won't make dog-lover comments - but I will say that a guy who "doesn't like cats" is a person who doesn't appreciate individuality, and doesn't appreciate having to earn love from someone - cause that's just the way cats are. You've gotta earn it.
~ tammara

Eponine's Cowboy said...

I always laugh when people tell me Ep showed me "unconditional" love. Truth is, I had to work hard to meet her expectations. I appreciated knowing I met them. And she always exceeded my expectations.

That is an incredible picture. You take the best shots. Wow!