Friday, April 14, 2006

Buddha Belly

Here's Harper in a typical position. He made it down the stairs this morning. Oh oh. Now I will have to keep an eye on the cat door. Brendan and Silas love their outside privileges. I will have to set the door to in only and then let them out when they ask.

Ramona is sleeping on a pillow next to me and Harper is raising heck. When he is worried he squeals. When he is excited he chortles.

Olof played the song "Mona Lisa" for Ramona and she really liked it. She is quiet this morning, that left eye is still red and I could hear that little popping sound cats make when their nose is stuffed up. But yesterday she was eating like a champ. Still, she is thin and you can feel her spine. Maybe I will try some other foods. They are on kitten Wellness and have gone through a case in little more than a week.

Harper got a friendly greeting from Brendan this morning and he was so excited about it he got over eager and got The Paw. Then Brendan demonstrated that a proper cat cleans his rear end thoroughly. That is something Harper could use a few lessons in.

We played Mona Lisa again. She perks up as soon as the music starts and then she sat up. Never think a cat doesn't understand something.

I'll do some more photos later. We have a series of Buddha Belly shots and some nice ones of Silas being Lord of the Frogs at the pond.


The Meezers said...

Look at that belly! It is a Buddha belly - makes me want to rub it! Poor Ramona, it sounds like she's getting better a little at a time. I hope she's not losing a lot of weight. When Sammy was really sick like that, our vet said to take kitten food and puree it with some kitten milk and try and get it in him with a bottle. That seemed to work.

Zuleme said...

Ramona Update
She just likes her breakfast a lilttle late. She went back to the plat twice so far and has a mini-Buddha belly. I think she just doesn't want to miss morning cuddle, coffee and computer time.
The eye looks better, I just put some ointment on it, after washing it gently.
They are taking morning nap.

The Meezers said...

awww, she's gonna be a cuddler! glad she's feeling better!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

I love the adventures of you & your gang!! Those kittens are coming along.

Zeus said...

You do such a fantastic job of taking care of the little kitties! I very much enjoyed reading their progress, and the pictures are fabulous! Keep up the great work!