Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kittens Happen

There is a lot going on here at Caturday so there is plenty to post this week. And it's Feline Friday at the Modulator.

In the News.
Ramona is feeling better. After two days of her not eating nearly enough and me giving her water and food by medicine dropper, this morning there were two kittens waiting at the door for breakfast and she chowed down with gusto. Then I let them both into our room where she cuddled with Olof and Brendan joined us. There were no hissy fits or Halloween kittens though Harper did get the Gentle Paw once. That is how Brendan announces, Stay Out Of My Space Youngun.

I have explained to Brendan that we had nothing to do with it, kittens come into the world and it is our job to take care of them. He seems to have accepted this. He is a wise soul.

Silas and Harper eyed each other from each end of the stairs. Harper from the top and Silas from the bottom. It will work out. Once again no Halloween kitten on Harper's part and no running on Silas's part. Did I tell you that Silas is afraid of the kittens?

The frogs have risen in the pond and Silas has appointed himself Frog Master. There have been four so far in the house, completely unharmed and this morning's offering was in the food bowl. Alive and well.

Last night we let the kittens out to run around and I got out the Bizzy Box. That was a major hit and I promise to get out the video camera because the action is wild and the sound effects too funny. Harper squeals and growls when he gets something he really likes, like a fuzzy ball or a feather. And those paws in action are really something.

There is also a new PawPrints which I will post later. And I must update my links so if I am missing any kitty blogs, please let me know. I am working on it.

So stay tuned.


The Meezers said...

so glad ramona is feeling better. I bet Silas is afraid of them because they sound like the thundering herd.

Anonymous said...

So glad Ramona is better. They both sound like so much fun to watch!
~ tammara

Edsel/The Pooch said...

we can't stand how cute they are!!!! keep the pictures coming, please!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Harper has that look that says, "This is my forever home, and woe to whoever attempts to make me leave."

I'm glad to hear the ramona is doing better. Every kitten, except Magoo, has had issues with their food. We had to use expensive VET food to get Smudge eating; with Bella it was hamburger and eggs, and Dolce is was raw tuna and chicken.

animalfamily said...

just love that pic of them hugging each other.

Aloysius said...

Oh, no! Kittens! They are too cute !

srp said...

Kittens are just soooooo cute. Little balls of fluff to lose your heart in.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Could you add us to your links? we'll add you to ours.
~Meeko and Kiara