Saturday, April 01, 2006


That's a baby photo of Silas the day he came home from the shelter. He is a big boy now and he has taken on the responsibility of protecting the house from rodents. He goes to work every night when we go to bed and the last two mornings there have been a chomped on mouse in his food bowl. Brendan might find it appalling so I clean it out right away. But I do appreciate Silas's hard work since I hate having mice in my kitchen. Even though I have a soft spot for all things living that want to keep on living, if they get in here and stay here, they are fair game and there isn't much I can do about it.

The other night Silas gave me one which was alive and not hurt. I put it outside but I think it didn't learn its lesson, since there was one in the food bowl the next morning.

I just heard that a dog I photographed for the shelter got adopted by someone who drove all the way from Massachusetts to meet him. Roz was very happy. So was the dog. It sounded like a great match. So no one thinks I am nuts to have found my heart string kitten on Petfinder.

We will go on the Great Kitten Expedition sometime between the 7th and the 14th. We are doing some video at the shelter tomorrow and I will work with them to get everyone on Petfinder. I have a great camera ( a Digital Rebel) and with some patience can get decent shots that show the animals personality. I think it is important. And it is great to be told that my photos have helped someone get a home and someone else to get a great dog.

Other than that, spring is busting out here very early and very quickly. It was about 75 degrees here yesterday and today is warm and wet. We have started peas, spinach, lettuce and radishes in a cold frame and tomatoes are coming up inside.

My mom had a double knee replacement on Tuesday and we were on the Cape for a few days. I hope to go back for some emotional support before collecting the kittens. Once I sink into kitten bliss I will need to be here keeping an eye on them. We all know the mischief they can get into. I can hardly wait.

Our Petfinder list is the link on the top left above the books which says Looking for Homes. We'll be filling in the photos soon!


Patches & Mittens said...

Mom says she bets you just can't wait to get the kittens. She knows you will post many pictures and stories.......

animalfamily said...

all the best to your mum, zuleme.

Luna said...

All your kitties are so cute!! a hug from Spain! =^^=

Anonymous said...

How cute was HE? I'm awaiting your kittens anxiously, too.
~ tammara