Saturday, April 15, 2006

Caturday Morning

A nice rainy Caturday morning after a beautiful warm sunny Friday. It was Olof's birthday and we had a delicious rich chocolate mousse cake decorated with paw prints large and small. I will post a photo of the cake soon too.

Brendan and Silas went on dawn patrol early and Jakey the Barn Cat must have been out there because Silas came flying in the cat door with a fluffy tail. Brendan doesn't back down for anyone, he just gives them that regal stare. He chased a fox out of the yard last week. I had to run after him and bring him in. And the fox was leaving.

I gave the little guys breakfast in their room and left the door open so they could join us on their own, which they did. Ramona also ran for the breakfast plate and has been back for refills at least four times by now, ten am. She is very perky this morning, scampering around with Harper. Her right eye is still red but she is obviously feeling much better. She is sitting here next to me and I don't see any nasty yellow stuff in her eyes, just clear liquid. And she is purring.

Harper just joined us on my left side and he is purring too. Brendan is at my feet.

When Brendan came in this morning Harper went over and got a friendly nose to nose greeting. He is so thrilled to be greeted by Brendan. I missed the shot but will try again tomorrow morning. Harper has to be careful not to overstep the personal space boundary and he is careful and respectful with the big guy.

Ramona doesn't seem to have to do this so I guess it is a guy thing.

How do you think Harper would fare in the Kitten Wars?


~ J ~ said...

ohhhh the belly shots!!!

My husband would kill me if I came home with ANOTHER adopted kitty but I cant help myself after seeing your pics.....this is a test of self-contol!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

A Kitten Wars winner, hands down! Er, paws down! Love the belly pictures! And the ones with the dreamy eyes. So cute how kittens set out to explore the territiry. Always slow & cautious about everything. I think it is so cool how you can see the little primitive tiger in them when they slowly & carefully stalk around.

The Meezers said...

Oh, they're both kitten wars winners! Glad to hear that they are getting along well with Brendan.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Happy Birthday to Olof!

So glad Miss Ramona is feeling better and perking up. Before you know it, she'll be bouncing off the walls with Harper. And it sounds like Brendan is going to be ok with them pretty quickly. That's great!


Lone Star Purrs said...

Makes me (mom) want more kittens. But the 2 that I have don't get along as it is...don't want to stir up any more trouble.