Monday, April 03, 2006

Kitten Care 101

I am reading a book on Kitten Care and going to buy kitten food today. I will also take Brendan and Silas to the vet for vaccinations. We will probably go early before dawn on Wednesday and collect the little guys. I think it will be about eight hours each way.

The photo is of Fergus the first week I had him.

I am eager to get Harper and Ramona. But I still miss Fergus terribly and now with spring here I keep thinking how happy he would have been running around the yard. He was always so excited about life and I loved watching him trot lightly over the earth like he was barely attached to it. It is hard for me to imagine loving another cat as much as I loved him. And that is the truth of his short life, he landed on earth, had a rough beginning and lived happily and adored. I just wish it had been forever. It is a very powerful thing when someone you love is suddenly gone behind this immense door that will not open for you no matter what.

But then again, there is that strange impulse that made me call Lynn about Harper and ask for him. As soon as I saw his picture I just knew I wanted him. It may have been that face, so much like Ferg. We'll see,

Little Olivia, the puppy from Katrina who suffered though a bout of parvo, went home for a week and was returned. The woman who took her said she was still grieving over the dog she had lost.

I can understand that but I can't understand not keeping Olivia, who is a huge soul in a little puppy face. Heck, in other circumstances I would take her.

I guess I am just the type of person who will not back down from a commitment I have made to another living being. Sometimes you have someone you love, like Fergus, who gives you more than you ever imagined and sometimes you have to give. It may be that I have to give to cats the rest of my life to equal what Fergus gave me. But that's ok. I'll do it.

Lately, I have been seeing Fergus in my dreams. He talks to me, he is quite cheerful. He always asks for a game of Paw Over Paw and I oblige. Then he cuddles up to me and we fall asleep. But I miss the real thing horribly.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on not giving up. There have been animals I could not keep, but I found them very good homes. I did not return them to square one. One cat we adopted, for instance, found our household much too stimulating. He was fine most of the time, but then he would bite and scratch like crazy. I found him a home with a single guy, no kids. He's happier now.

=^..^= said...

Sweet Fergus still misses his Mommy...

~5-Cat Style

The Meezers said...

it takes a while for hearts to heal. sometimes a long while. I still talk to Ralphie everytime I get in the bathtub - it was our favorite time of the day - he would sit beside the tub and talk to me in his soft little "mews" and I would sing to him. Trixie and Norton missed him so much for a long time - until Sammy came along. Then they were "right" again - they had their "baby brother" back. Sammy and Miles have helped my heart to heal, but there will always be a Ralphie sized hole. The good thing is, that there is always so much more love in the heart than we realize.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

We felt the exact same way when we saw Dolce's picture on the rescue society's website. She was going to have to be a complete unsocial psycho for not to adopt her.

Each person has their own threshold. I have only had to surrender two animals in my life. One because the dorm wouldn't allow puppies, so my old roomate found her a new home. The other because it was getting aggressive to everyone in the house except my sister. She actaully attacked my father several times. This was back before the internet, so the resources for finding out how to deal with this sort of behaviour were very rare.