Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Ramona and Little Pork Chop

Here's a close up shot of Ramona's eyes/ I haven't posted one like this before because she is a lady and wouldn't want people to see her not looking her best. We have been treating her for upper respiratory, coccidia and roundworm. Today we went back to the vet. The coccidia and roundworm are gone and we have switched medication to an antibiotic just to treat the URI. It is Clavamox and the results have been spectacular. We started it last night along with some kitty vitamin formula and tonight she is bouncing off the walls with Harper. She has been wrassling with him too.

The cloudiness in her right eye is an ulcer. It could heal up and we sure hope so, because if it doesn't she could lose the eye. In which case, Olof says, we will make her a little eye patch and she will be our pirate girl. But we are hoping it will heal. She actually looks better tonight then she did this morning.

Someday I hope she will fill this bed.

Just like Brendan does.

I took this fellow along to the vet figuring he would howl if he couldn't find his sister for a few minutes and he could help console her on the trip. Hah. He howled most of the way there. The vet tech put him on the scale, held him up and exclaimed, "You're a little pork chop, aren't you!"

So Little Pork Chop he remains.


~ J ~ said...

he is adorable!

I hope Ramonas eye clears up....pirate girl is GREAT!

Zeus said...

I am really glad to hear Ramona is doing a little better. I hope her eye clears up soon because even though being pirate girl would be nice, having both eyes is nicer!

Pork Chop is bound to be a character. I can just tell!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Purraying that Ramona's eye gets better.

If you read Jasper McKittenCat stories about Maggie, you will see that she went through the same thing. I think her ulcer was quite bad. One eye or Two eyes, she is still a little treasure.

Pork Chop! Ha! Ha!

The Meezers said...

Awwwwww, poor Ramona. We hope her eye clears up soon. She is so furry beautiful. Pork Chop. That is funny. Mommy calls me Rump roast. I don't think that's really that funny. I'm not FAT. - Sammy

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

That's great she is doing better. She is a dear little thing, and is blessed to have you for her mom. I love the little Pork Chop name, and is sweet belly! sss's mom

Anonymous said...

PORK CHOP - heeheehee! They are both just precious babies.

~ J ~ said...

This is really awful....I find myself coming back and coming back and coming back to see the silly pork chop belly!!!

=^..^= said...

Harper and Ramona are a little too young, so I'll tag Brendan for a game of his favourite cat bloggin words.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Pork Chop! Hee, hee. Ramona, I hafs a pursonal question. Are you polydactil like your brofur? Before Harper, Mittens Polypaws was the only Polydactil blogger I knew. You'd think there'd be more wif the extra toes for typing!

Wildrun said...

Hey. They are sweet. Are they giving you any ointment for Ramona's eye? Also, has she been tested for FeLV/FIV just so you can rule that out (I assume yes). They won't usually lose the eye due to an ulcer. They will look "winky" as youngsters, but you may hardly notice at all once they are grown.

jenianddean said...

Ramona is so sweet. When my Mom and Dad found Maggie, her eye was a lot worse than Ramona's is. Mom and Dad used an antibiotic ointment and oral, and many of Maggie's litter cleared up, but she had gone too far, unfortunately. We suspect she never really could see with that eye, so she has never missed a beat and chases us all. Our vet was very nice and did the eye removal as a "teaching" surgery for a new vet, so it was affordable and he also "fixed" (broke) her at the same time. Mom actually looked at old pictures of her when she was newborn and it is so sad to see them having to fight like that. But you are doing a great job and Ramona looks so well.