Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Busy Caturday

A photo from last winter, Olof and the boys relaxing on the couch.

A busy weekend and tomorrow will be filled with errands in the southern part of the state. We did our first video shoot at the shelter and I will edit Pawprints for our local channel on Tuesday. Maybe I'll even make it into a purrcast. There is a lovely four year old half Siamese girl there named Willow. She is soft grey with blue eyes and very shy. I found myself wondering if she would fit in here with our old fella and our big kitten Silas. But then, there are kittens to consider and the search for a Fergus.

We have one Katrina cat and three more arriving tomorrow with a truckload of puppies. I will try to get some video shots of them too.

I'll be back writing by Tuesday.

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