Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Fergus Connection

Here is a closeup of a kiss. I love Fergus's face in this one, eyes closed.

It is really nice to post a new Caturday and immediately get two or three comments. You folks must have us on RSS. It reminds me to be kind and leave comments on the blogs I visit everyday. The blog world expands my community around the world and I find I have cat friends across the States, Europe and the East.

I often wonder how our love for these creatures changes them. I know Fergus understood he was loved, he had a warm secure den to return to, he had wise Brendan to look up to and a buddy all his own to play with. His only experience of hunger and cruelty happened when he was four weeks old and ended up on the side of a road in Maine. He was taken to a shelter, received care and was adopted by us four weeks later.

Some nights he would come upstairs to get on my lap and see Brendan had grabbed it. He would give me this heartrending look and sometimes.... I would gently pick Brendan up and move him to Olof. ( Now I am glad I performed this possibly rude act since Fergus's time was so short) and sometimes Fergus would hop on Olof's lap for a few minutes and then decide damm it she belongs to me and he would join Brendan in what we call a zwei-noodle ( two cat lap sit). Since neither of them would give it ended up a peaceful albeit crowded situation. Not ideal, but workable.

I am fortunate to have about 500 photos of him and many of us together. The reason for this is I live with the Man with the Cam who is under the delusion that I am the most beautiful woman in the world. You must pity him but the end result is many more photos of me than of him and in the end, plenty of wonderful photos to remember my Petit Garcon by.

This will be a busy week. Saturday, Roz, our shelter director, will be returning from the south with 15 Katrina dogs needing homes. We hope to video the arrival and then the next day do some more shooting at the shelter for the new Pawprints TV show. It also looks like Caturday will have a print edition focusing on shelter issues.

So stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

What a little lover :-)

They must be changed by us, as we are changed by them. Moose was a very bitey kitten. I have all but broken him of it, with nothing more than leaving my hand where it was and saying "No Biting, Moose" to him when he did it. He knew what I was saying. His ears go back. He'd slowly remove the teeth. Now I can just say "Moose" when he looks like he'll bite, and he stops. He's turned into a lap cat (I didn't think I had one anymore since Heather died!), and he loves to kiss my chin.

Other cats may be hit or thrown when they bite as kittens. They won't learn to be little lover cats. They will learn to be mean. I know Moose has the right Momma.

Patches & Mittens said...

What an endearing picture, Mom says. So glad you have so many treasured photos to keep, always, of your beloved Fergus.

The Meezers said...

what a great picture. I have several of Ralphie in just that exact same pose. That was our "kissy face" pose. I do think that they are changed by us. Miles was a wild little creature when I got him at 6 weeks. He HATED me, he would growl and spit and swipe at me every time he got near me. I would just laugh and say "come on baby, it's ok to climb up and cuddle" and one day about 2 weeks later he did just that, started purring and now 7 months later he has to lay on my whenever I sit down. He went from being a mean little wild boy to being a total love bug.

Niobium said...

He looks so content in this photo. He knows he's love.

Anonymous said...

Meezers Mom - Miles sounds a lot like Moose, lol...

~ tammara

=^..^= said...

That is a beautiful picture. It made me smile and feel warm all over.

~5-Cat Style