Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Day No Cats Would Die

I believe this wonderful photo came from Cape Mews a great blog with stories and links to humane societies. There are many caring people across the globe working to end cruelty to animals and the horrific killing of unwanted cats and dogs and shelters. The more you read, the more you want to do something.

Our local shelter is a no kill. However, the issue then becomes having room for animals and not turning them away. There is now a waiting list. If seven cats are adopted, seven can come in.

Here is another rescue blog from New York I just found Tales and Tails of New York

And this one in NY State, Wild Run

I'll be adding a rescue section to my blog roll. Some of the stories on these blogs are very hard to read. If we could create a world humane to treat animals with respect and kindness just think of what that would do for people.

When I think of thiings like the kill rate in NY shelters being 50% and the stray cat issues in towns across America, even the stories from my local area not to mention the stories from the blogs in Singapore, the more I realize and am grateful for the happiness and love Fergus experienced in his short life. And he taught me to care about the lives of all cats. Once you know and love a truly special creature, they all become special.

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Anonymous said...

So true, Zuleme. And Fergus wasn't just loved - he was adored.

~ tammara