Sunday, May 14, 2006

Everybody Loves Ramona

A rainy Sunday morning here. The Man with the Cam took this shot as the Tribe of Tigers were hanging out after coffee and world news. We have decided that Mona Lisa's motto is "I Really Care." Brendan's is "Let All My Days be Normal" and Harper's, well Harper is a Work In Progress. He does look remarkably like a flying squirrel as Olof pointed out this morning.

Caturday at the shelter went quite well. I attended the Red Cross seminar on Pet First Aid. That does not mean I would actually be able to perform CPR on a Great Dane but I did learn quite a bit about animal care.

There was quite a hubbub in the cat room and they actually ran out of adoption forms at one point and were running off to print more. I know that two pairs, Phantom and Topper, and Vesper and Stormy went together, also I saw Gandolf going home and a puppy. And the big news is Shelley, the Katrina rescue was adopted by a woman who saw that great photo of her I posted on Petfinder and said any cat that looked like that had to be a character and she came and got her.

If you scroll down to the post titled "Shelter Faces" Shelley is the one at the bottom, the multi-colored face with one bad eye. I don't think anyone ever thought Shelley would find a happy home so we are thrilled with the news.

I'll post some photos of the day later this week and also the exciting conclusion to Harper and Ramona's Catolympic work out.


The Meezers said...

It is wonderful that Shelley found a forever home!!! Happy Mother's day to Ramona's, Harper's and Brendan's Mom!

Fat Eric said...

Yay for the kitties getting adopted. It is especially good when bonded pairs get to stay together. My sister and I were adopted together, the shelter we came from has a policy of never breaking up pairs. And they only let kittens be adopted in pairs unless there is an odd number in a litter.

Zeus said...

That's great that so many kitties found new homes!

Best of Mother's Days to you, Ms. Zuleme! You deserve it!

Derby said...

Yay for Shelley. Just proves that looks aren't everything. Love has no issues.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

When my mother-in-law lost a kitty, just after Paul and I were married, I went to a shelter to look. I found a 3-yr-old kitty who had one missing eye because some horrid person had shot her with a bb gun! I brought my MIL to look at her, and she adopted her. She lived another 15 years or so. (This is the same person who adopted Tux, the Fel. Leuk. positive kitty I found on xmas eve a few months ago.) Some people are just perfect to take not-so-perfect-looking little pets. I'm glad you found a home for her.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Zuleme, with your house brimming with kitty babies!

DEBRA said...

That's the bestest news!