Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting to Know You

Things are pretty busy around here and I have been kind of tired. It doesn't help that Brendan is insisting the whole crew wake up at 5 AM. ( He's retreated a bit, it was 4:45) I think he has vanquished Jakey the Barn Cat from the territory because he does seem more relaxed about it, but still, that first round of markers saying BRENDAN IS HERE, have to be laid down early. And since he has to be out for work early we are doing what any devoted cat people would do. We are going to bed early. I guess that will make us healthy, wealthy and wise, right?

I usually wake up sometime in the night with Harper and Ramona purring up a storm next to me. I found out from Olof that they spend half the night doing it to him. So they are already aware of the concept of time sharing, equal purrs for equal humans.

Now that we have been together for a little while (seven weeks?) we're seeing the kittens personalities come out. They are both very nice cats. Harper is a gentleman cat, a blessing, in that he doesn't seem to need to be top cat and he has a warm relationship with Brendan. They don't cuddle ( after all, they are guys) but they do communicate in an affectionate way and it is obvious Brendan has R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Brendan does seem five years younger and I bet the loving kisses he gets from Miss Ramona have something to do with it. This is a cat who has never known a female cat and Miss Ramona is, as he says, "really something." She is sweet and lively, more like Fergus than Harper is. She is playful and funny and she is also very loving to us. She decides when she needs a hug and then she comes right up and plops herself down in the spot she wants. And those eyes are just too much. Her motto is "I really care." I remember one night when Brendan sneezed from the bed room and she was off in a flash to check on him.

And Harper, well, Harper is a major love bug. He will lie in my arms for as long as I can sit still during his rest times. He loves Ramona and can't stand to be apart from her. They play together and the fact that they have each other makes them secure and less needy of us. Harper's motto is " I came for the food" and he is already a chunky monkey. Olof insists he has a double chin but I really don't think so. When kittenhood ends the diet will begin. And Olof says he thinks Harper might be lazy.

Go on, you can laugh. A lazy cat, yeah.

But he is an amiable fellow, happy and contented and good for all of us here at Caturday.


The Meezers said...

Lazy cat? never heard of such a thing. They are all so precious!

Mattingly's Mom said...

You have such a wonderful furry family. It's been so much fun to watch the kittens grow up with you. I can't believe how big they've gotten! We've had our new kitten for two and a half weeks and already we see such a big change in her size! I love the round little kitten bellies they get, because like you, I don't restrict any food intake when they are this small. I worried that Mattingly would get rounder as well, but he gets more exercise now than we could ever give him. Your pictures are always so beautiful and really show their personalities. Thanks for keeping such a great blog that is a joy to read.

Mattingly's Mom said...

Oh and Mattingly wants me to ask if you have any naming ideas for his little sister! Pop over to his blog to check it out!

Fat Eric said...

Harper - speaking as a fat kitty who has been on a diet for years, I feel for you, friend!

As for lazy...well, someone has to be the one who lies around snoozing while everyone else is out making the world safe for felinity, right?