Saturday, May 27, 2006


Ah, time to write another Caturday. I wonder where I can find some inspiration? Yes, Caturday is microchipped. Actually it resides on my server ,not Blogger, so if there was ever a total Blogger crash I could rebuild it as a web site. I try to keep photos backed up too.

The Tribe of Tigers congregate peacefully in the mornings to assess the day and read some cat blogs. Brendan has done Dawn Patrol and been greeted by his youngsters.

It is really summer here and I have been feeling a great lack of energy. Maybe it's all the work piling up or maybe it's the landscaping going on around here. We have a vegetable garden and lots of places that need fixing up. A house and a studio and all need cleaning. Sigh. I have only gotten up to chapter seven on my book rewrites. But once I finally do get that chapter done ( it is a new one) I think the rest will go quicker. But I also have TV commercials and videos to produce this summer. And I really do want to repaint my kitchen.

Harper is chortling. He makes the coolest sounds. But this morning I heard a mini tiger growl coming from under the bed and it was Ramona. She had Red Fuzzy and was being ferocious with it. For some reason the red one is the favorite. So Harper, being a nice guy, had the purple one.

He is a nice guy.

We are all thinking of Edsels Mom and hope the surgery goes well for her. It sounds very scary and we will keep her in our thoughts. You too, Edsel.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

What cute fuzzy little helpers you have! The Tribe is an apt name for them!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

My Gosh, has Harper ever gotten big. When you see him by himself, you can still be fooled into thinking he's still a baby. But next to the back of your laptop...

Thankfully he still has that kitten profile. Dolce just lost hers this last two weeks. She looks like a cat know and not a kitten.

Luna said...

yes,is a nice cat! =^^=