Saturday, May 20, 2006

Harper Is

Growing up to be a nice guy.

Actually, he has been a nice guy from the start. On the nine hour trip from NY he sat next to me on the back seat and every once in a while he would look up at me and half close his eyes. I'm sure that I've written that here before but it was so cute. And he was so easy going about the whole thing. And he was happy when we stopped for a meal break. A cat has to be pretty cool to eat on the road and use the bathroom. Ramona came out of the crate and sat next to me too. She follows Harper's lead in a lot of things.

He is sitting on my lap in front of the computer with his paws on the keyboard. Ramona is in front of the computer soaking up the heat from the fan. Brendan is next to me. He went out for Dawn Patrol, waking us at 4:40 AM. It was a beautiful morning and I should have followed him around with the camera but I needed some more sleep. Then he comes in and gets a kiss from Ramona and a respectful greeting from Harper, having made the world Safe for My Kittens.

We never expected when we brought the kittens home that having a little girl would spice up Brendan's life. But just think of it, he's an old man and never had a girl in his life.

"She's really something." he says.

We agree.


~ J ~ said...

I think pork chop is sucha beautiful fellow.

Your post brought a smile to my face today....thanks!

The Meezers said...

Brendan is such a sweetie. Those old guy cats are pushovers for sweet young girl kittens.

Fat Eric said...

Harper is going to grow up to be a big beautiful kitty - us larger kitties are more cuddly you know!