Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sheltered Faces

A day of photography at the shelter and getting everybody on Petfinder to increase their chances of going home. For an older cat, it's not so easy. And this is kitten season.

I really liked the idea from Magoo, Smudge Bella and Dolce that we have a day of remembering for the felines that have given us so much in our lives. But I think we should expand it and think about remembering all the felines who are mistreated, unloved abandoned and abused. Our shelter is having the first Caturday event next weekend to focus attention on their six bonded pairs who would love to go to a home together. I'll be shooting the TV show there tomorrow and I think it will be an all cats show. I might start making shelter cats my Caturday post every Caturday. The print edition focuses on a shelter cat needing a home.

Just about all of the 21 dogs rescued from a kill shelter down south have gone to good homes. I think there was only Jessie left and when I was there a family was in the process of adopting her.

So here are some of my faces.

Arthur, a patient, conscious being who was rescued from Katrina and surely deserves a second chance. One of my favorites.




She looks like a polar bear, is polydactyl and has no tail (she was born that way)


And last, but certainly not least, the very strange looking Shelley. Also a Katrina rescue she is part Siamese.


Niobium said...

I so wish we could adopt more. But part of being a resposible pet owner is knowing your limits. Three cats, one big dog, and a small mobile home; we're pretty crowded. And financially strapped.

But I look at those faces and I just want to come through the screne to snuggle them, huggle them, bury my face in their fur.

=^..^= said...

They are so adorable. Is there something wrong with Jodi's left eye? It looks a little cloudy.

~5-Cat Style

Victor Tabbycat said...

Such cuties. I was 8 months old, not such a kitten, when I dopted Mom, and she wouldn't have dopted a younger kitty cuz of Bonnie. They feared she might try to kill a kitten! Any cat person knows, they're kittens for a year but cats much longer, so you'd better like adult cats, too. Mom an Dad dopted Scruffy at 10 years, but she went to the rainbow bridge at 12 from tumors. You Caturday beans are really good people to find ways to help so many kitties!

Fat Eric said...

My mum wishes she could adopt Arthur, but he is too far away across the pond. We hope they all find good homes. My sister and I were adopted by my mum and dad when we were 8, so they didn't mind we weren't kittens!

Diva Kitty said...

DKM wishes she could take them all - I reminded her that this would be a very back move if she ever wanted to walk again.