Tuesday, May 09, 2006

O Ramona!

Rusty and Jodi got dopted together! A couple from north of us saw their photos by me on Petfinder and drove down to get them. I'll keep taking photos because I feel really good about that. Rusty is ten and he was not doing that well at the shelter. Today we are shooting a cat special show trying to get six bonded pairs homes. And it is running on another station and people are coming in to the shelter asking for furkids they saw on the show.

You can see my shelter photos by going to the link on the left which says Looking For Homes.

Here at Caturday life is interesting with the kittens growing like crazy. Meal schedule is : First Breakfast 5:30 AM, Second Breakfast 9 AM, Lunch 1 PM, Dinner 5 PM and Second Dinner 9:30 PM. Brendan is still going out for Dawn Patrol, waking us at 5 AM and driving us nuts until we let him out to protect the territory from Jakey the Barn Cat. Ramona is still crazy with love for Brendan, she follows him everywhere but she is sensitive to his boundaries. Hey, he is an old bachelor, this is new for him. Her facial expressions are so cute and I will try to catch some on camera. She obviously loves the old fella. If he leaves the TV room, she gets very concerned, hops up and follows him.

And Harper, he's just Harper. Funny and charming. He woke me up at 2 AM for a cuddle by sitting next to me purring so loudly I woke up. I got this telepathic message " I am the Lion King." So I guess he's the Lion King.

As some of you have guessed, Ramona has that mischief in her eye. Below is the Tablecloth Game. Fergus and Silas loved this too and I would find it on the floor every morning.

Around this time I figured I better remove anything breakable.

That looks like fun, can I help?

You can't possibly be mad at me, I'm too cute.


The Meezers said...

Nope, you can't be mad at her - not at all.

Zeus said...

How could you be mad at her ever?! She's soooo adorable!

And that game looks like a lot of fun too!

LHK said...

My Beezer like to play the same game! Only he like to pull the tablecloth off so that it will fall over him. He then makes a nest so that he is completly covered. I always pick it up expecting to unroll/ uncover a sleepy cat. He does the same with any towel that is hanging in the bathroom.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Makes a great tent to hide in!

auntie p said...

I'm happy to hear that Rusty got adopted. Where I'm at, it's near impossible for a cat of that age to get adopted.

DEBRA said...

How wonderful that Rusty was adopted! I wish more people realized older cats are as magical as kittens.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Ha! Our tablecloth hangs to the chair seats on the sides, so we lie in the chair, slowly pulling the table cloth. It's pretty subtle. One time, my woman was measuring big pieces of fabric for sewing, an I lay down on the end, pulling it slowly away from her. She said I was a big help.

Mudpuppy said...

I gave up on tablecloths and jigsaw puzzles about a decade ago. Those of you who still find a way to keep a tablecloth on have my utmost respect!